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A new way to register is HERE!

A new registration platform is now available for junior and teenage players.  It’s quick, simple and seamless.

Download the Rugby Xplorer App and register now!  

Firstly visit https://myaccount.rugby.com.au to make sure you have an account and set your password. Then download the ‘Rugby Xplorer’ app via your app store.  Search for ‘Dalby’ when registering your child.  See full instructions here>>

Q: How can I receive a family discount?
A: If your Club is offering family discounts all family members need to be linked PRIOR to the registration flow. The family discount only works for family members (or linked members) registering to the SAME club where all participants are classified as PLAYERS and registering for the full SEASON. You begin by registering and paying for the first family member. On the confirmation screen you click “Finish”. It will ask if you wish to continue to receive a family discount or stop counting the registration flow. If you choose to finish, the family discount counting will stop.

When registering through the App you can opt to use Zip Pay and pay your registration fee in four installments.
Zip Pay – will settle ALL up the line fees and the individual participant will create a relationship with Zip Pay to decide when and how they will split their payments, i.e. player can pay in installments.